How far can the car drive away from the watch?

The range of communication between the watch and the car is about 100 feet (31m).

How do you turn it on and make the car move?

Turn on the car by activating the switch at the base and control with the buttons on the wrist watch.

Does the watch fit small wrists?

The exact size of the watch is 9.2*2.6*2 inches, and it has multiple notches to tighten the strap.

Does it light up?

Yes, it is integrated with LEDs that turn on when racing the car. Very attractive during the night and very cool during the day allowing you to play all the time

Is it durable?

We built these cars with kid safe, BPA-free ABS material that is extremely durable and makes the cars invulnerable to any crashes. Don’t worry about crashing the car into a wall or table. It is built to last.