See Why This was Voted the “Best Gift 2023” for Kids (and We Got a Discount!)

  • Exciting, innovative, and non-put-downable - it’s the perfect toy to lure your kids away from their phones!

“Not now, Dad - I’m playing cars!”

I have 2 boys, and they are a handful.

I don’t mind letting them use their phones or play video games every now and then, especially when I need a break, but I don’t think kids should grow up with so much screen time.

If you ask me, they need to go back to playing like they did when I was growing up - outdoors, moving around, and with their friends.

But it’s pretty hard these days to find something to keep them interested for long enough.

One weekend in July, my wife and I went to a buddy’s house for a gathering with our 2 kids and their 3.

Right there on the living room floor, their twin boys - lovely kids but notoriously rambunctious - were completely engrossed in this car toy.

This car was zipping around at full speed, but I couldn’t see anyone holding a remote.

I kept looking around for the remote control… then I realized it was on the kid’s watch!

He was pressing these buttons on his watch to control the car, and let me tell you, this thing moves.

Both of the kids were totally enamored with this thing, laughing up a storm. Of course, my kids couldn’t wait to see it, too, and pretty soon even the adults were crowded around the toy.

For any adult who’s ever played RC cars as a kid (back to the 90s, baby!), they know a good remote control car when they see one.

So I asked if I could give it a spin.

I couldn’t believe the motor on this thing- it really flies! And not just forward, either. It seamlessly switches into reverse in a left-ward arc so it can turn completely around. You could really do some good relays with this thing.

I was totally stunned. Clearly remote control cars have come a long, long way since when I was a kid.

My kids, who would have usually been begging for the food by now, were absolutely enamored by this thing. The five of them were practically falling over each other to get a turn.

Now I just had to get a couple for the boys (I confess… maybe for me, too), so I asked my friends what in the world this cool little toy was.

The Best Toy They Bought All Year

They told me it was called Car Watch Toy, and they said it was the best thing they’d bought for their kids all year.

When we left later that night, my kids were begging my wife and me to get them one. I said maybe… but the truth is my wife already had it saved on our phones, and we were already ordering a few for the oldest one’s birthday in a week.

I know this was a toy they would actually play with, and in an age of smartphones and tablets, I was so excited to give them a more active alternative.

As soon as we got home I had my wife pull up the website, and we ordered 4. Two for the kids and one for us each… because why not, right?

My kids didn’t know we got them, and they pestered us to order the Car Watch Toy every chance they could get, even offering to do extra chores. Little did they know it was already on the way.

The cars arrived way earlier than they said, in just 4 days.

Full confession… my wife and I opened up ours first so we could have some fun before the kids got home from school, and it was seriously so awesome. I couldn’t wait to see their faces that weekend.

When the birthday came, I asked my son to help me do the dishes in the kitchen. He had been watching a movie with his friends, so he really wasn’t happy about it. As soon as he entered the kitchen, my husband and I sent the toy cars zipping around his feet.

Both of the kids went totally wild!

I gave them their own to play with, and they completely forgot about the movie they were watching. This toy is way more interesting than anything on TV!

Kick “I’m bored!” to the Curb

I can’t even remember the last time I saw my boys so obsessed with a toy. They haven’t asked to play video games even once, and they’ve even got a racing competition going on with some other kids from the neighborhood.

It really brings you back to the days of RC cars when you were a kid, but with an added boost of modern ingenuity.

The Whole Family Loves It

The Car Watch Toy is just pure, simple, old-school fun, and it gets the whole family off of the TV and playing active games together.

Even Grandma had a great time zipping around with the kids.

Super Easy To Operate

You don’t need to be coordinated or tech-savvy or anything like some ridiculous remote controlled cars these days. It’s like you have to be an engineer to operate those things!

To use Car Watch Toy, you just have to press the accelerator button on the remote control to make it go forward, and the other button to make it reverse in left so you can have it come back to you.

Fast, Zippy, and Fun

The motor of Car Watch Toy is way stronger than you’d imagine for something so small, and it’s got a shocking amount of punch!

The battery lasts practically forever, so you know you can keep your kids busy for a while if you have a lot to do.

Fast & Convenient USB Charging

You don’t need any special chords or outlets or anything. The watch plugs right into a basic USB C port like in your laptop, and it’s charged up and ready to go within minutes. As a busy parent who already has so many odds and ends laying around, the convenience is really a godsend.

Play Indoors and Out

The car is small, but the robust tires and powerful motor make it zip over pavement and concrete just as well as tile or linoleum. It doesn’t work on grass, however, so it’s best to keep it on the sidewalk or driveway.

Voted “Best New Toy” by 3 Publications

Three major parenting publications in the US hailed Car Watch Toy as “the best new toy” for kids in 2023, saying it’s “a much awaited upgrade” on old remote control cars.

Who knew this thing was so popular?

Multiple Colors and Designs

There are two designs of cars and multiple unique colors, so your kids (and you, let’s be real) can have just the right version that fits their personality.

Endless possibilities for games

Remember how much you loved racing when you were a kid? With Car Watch Toy, you guys will never run out of new and fun ideas.

Races with Friends, Siblings, and Parents

To start the race, have everyone line up their cars on the same line.

Count down from 3, then see who can zip the fastest to the finish line.

To make it even more challenging, see who can turn the car around and zip it back the fastest, too.

Time the Race like Mario Kart

Everyone remembers flying down the treacherous Rainbow Road in Mario Kart.

With your Car Watch Toy, you can set up a path, maybe even with a few obstacles, and see who can finish the race the fastest. Just make sure you have enough Car Watch Toys for their friends to join in… because they’re going to come running once they see this!

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UPDATE as of :

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